About Us

Welcome to Tinx Boutique

Tinx Boutique is a small independent business in a small seaside town called Felixstowe and my shop is a converted recycled shipping container part of a box park complex called Beach Street Felixstowe. 

Having worked in fashion and visual design for 12 years since leaving college where I studied fashion, art and design. It has always been a dream to own my own business so when I was furloughed due to the Corona Virus lockdown, I used the time to plan and bring my dream to life. So with a keen sense of adventure, love for travel and boho surfer style where better to start than to bring my passions together in form of a shop bringing unique, affordable clothing and accessories.

What to expect from Tinx Boutique – I work hard looking for those perfect items that will fit well in my shop and within my style, from woman’s clothing to mens, jewellery, accessories and homeware. For woman’s clothing I tend to look for floral floaty dresses, logo T’s and tie dye hoodies/jumpers and the mens side I look for surf logo t-shirts, tropical shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. Homeware and gift I try to find things travel inspired that will help give your home or camper van a boho, layered, eclectic, lived-in feel, as well as useful bits and bobs for you take on your adventures!